Technology and Resources

ACOHF provides learning resources including computer labs, library books and leadership workshops for students

New Computer Lab for Students

The computer lab at Rubate School serves students in a dedicated secure classroom.

ACOHF provided eight computers and monitors, a printer, cables, networking equipment, and technical consultants for setting up the lab. Additional software has now been installed.

The initial computer lab has inspired other developments: Rubate has hired a new faculty member to teach computer classes. The School Board plans to buy additional computers to meet increasing student demand for technology training.

Young people who had never touched a computer can learn to use this technology to improve their learning and career options. Our computer consultant from Meru University of Science and Technology and IT faculty from Chuka University are providing monitoring and technical support for the lab.

Thiiri Community Technology Center

ACOHF funding supported four new desktop computers, surge protectors and related equipment for Thiiri Community Technology Center (CTC) in Meru, Kenya. This CTC was originally established in 2007 by ACOHF in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation to give the underserved rural population access to relevant technology resources and skills. The computers have been well-used over many years.

This upgrade enables the center to continue serving the community with high speed internet services, as well as typesetting, design, printing, business documents, and copy services. Two used Apple computers, donated by Loyola University Chicago School of Communication, also expand the design and production capability of the computer lab.

Thiiri Center has hired another staff member to help teach computer classes for students and community business professionals. The CTC serves not only students with research projects, reports and career searches, but also local residents who use e-citizen government services for licenses and documents, farm reports and public health information. Communication tools and social media are popular with many users. Printing and design services and computer classes generate income for equipment maintenance and staff support.