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ACOHF Participates in World Mission Sunday

Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Illinois, celebrates World Mission Sunday on October 7, 2018. This annual event recognizes both local and global mission activities of the church and provides opportunities for members of the congregation and visitors to engage with mission leaders to learn more about the diverse outreach programs supported by the church.

Sally Christiansen and  Read More

2018 Leadership Workshop Motivates ACOHF Scholarship Students

A Youth Leadership Academy was held at Thiiri Center in Meru, Kenya. from April 6-8 with a total of 40 students, 20 ACOHF scholarship students from Rubate Secondary School and 20 students from Bishop Lawi Imathiu Secondary School in Meru. The girls and boys from Rubate are currently in Form 3 and Form 4, equivalent to high school juniors and seniors.

These young people learned about  Read More

Improving the Health of Vulnerable Children

Our Africa Circle of Hope(ACOHF) Community Health Team is returning to Mathare after more than a year. These five dedicated women are led by Dr. Katrina, who helped to establish our first health team three years ago. The participants are medical, education and business professionals from Illinois, California and Florida. Their goal this year is to complete a health assessment of more than 200 o Read More

Celebrating Film for Good

The auditorium at Catholic University of Eastern Africa on June 11, 2016, was filled with more than 150 senior students, recent graduates and alums from St. Aloysius Secondary School in Nairobi, and faculty and students from Catholic University of Eastern Africa(CUEA) and from Tangaza University College. This enthusiastic crowd came together on this day to celebrate films made by the participan Read More

Gift of the Spirit

It is Sunday morning at Mwanika Church just outside of Meru town, Kenya. The English Service starts at 9:30 am with music from the keyboard player who is wearing a red jacket and singing with a rich bass voice in the side section at the front of the church. He plays by ear and once he has the beat the music fills the room. At the beginning of the service the sanctuary is about half full but as  Read More

Living with HIV

"Aids the biggest killer of youth." I was concerned to see this headline on the front page of the Daily Nation newspaper today. According to estimates by the National Aids Control Council, more than 435,000 adolescents, age 10-19 are HIV positive and almost 120,000 more have not been identified. A Health Metrics and Evaluation study just published reveals that 2,531 youth age 15 to 19, mos Read More

Challenges for Secondary School Students

As much as 50% of the Kenyan population is under the age of 18. Most of these young people are in primary or secondary school. In 2003 the government mandated free primary education and in 2008 this was extended to secondary education in public schools. Boarding school fees are not included, nor are uniforms, school supplies and other infrastructure expenses. At the end of Standard 8 primary Read More

Nairobi Rains

It is raining again in Nairobi. This is the season of the long rains that gather in the afternoon and often continue into the night. Now the sky is dark grey at 3 pm forecasting the coming storm. After a full-day workshop for secondary students from Good Samaritan we leave St. Teresa`s Church in Mathare Valley at 6 pm.

As we drive through Mathare we are fortunate to be in a van becau Read More

Return to Mathare

I am returning to the Good Samaritan Children`s Home for orphaned and abandoned children in Mathare, a densely populated informal settlement just outside the city center of Nairobi, Kenya. It has been almost two years since I had been there. On my last visit as we turned off the busy main highway going down into the slums, the road was a rocky path, muddy and rutted, with everyone walking in t Read More


The Community Health Team from Chicago is returning to Nairobi this summer to work with the children living at Good Samaritan Children`s Home in the Mathare slums. This includes health assessment, basic care and public health information. Our ACOHF scholarship student studying community health at Regina Pacis University College will join them in some of these activities. The team is led by Dr. K Read More