Our Programs

The Africa Circle of Hope Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization, raises funds to provide aid and support to African women and children impacted by AIDS and poverty, so that they can develop the skills and resources to raise themselves out of poverty and improve their quality of life.

Integrated Programs.

Africa Circle of Hope (ACOHF) provides educational opportunities for orphaned and abandoned children living in crowded Kenyan slums where survival is a continuing struggle. These young people show amazing determination, resilience, hope and faith. They are eager to learn but need resources and support to achieve their goals and climb out of poverty. You can help.

These scholarships move young people with motivation and ability out of the slums and into secondary boarding school. Scholarships cover tuition, fees, lodging, uniforms, books, school supplies and other basic needs. The best high school graduates are awarded scholarships to attend universities in Kenya.

Our Career Bridge program offers career planning, mentoring and specialized training to help students find a job and begin a productive career. ACOHF scholarships now incorporate more technical institutes and professional colleges. We also sponsor leadership training, entrepreneurship and media workshops for youth.

One of our recent projects provides textbooks and library reference materials and establishes a computer lab for the rural secondary high school many of our students attend. ACOHF also continues to support community technology centers and computer training for underserved groups.

We donate bags of beans, corn, rice and other basics to help feed hungry children in the slums, promote child health assessment, and pay medical fees for scholarship students. ACOHF also funds regular food distribution to supplement the nutrition of single mothers living with HIV/AIDS and their children.