1. Believe that you can make a positive difference in the world.
  2. Identify a group of family, friends, colleagues or neighbors and ask them to join the Circle. Your Circle could be only three people or more than 30.
  3. Define an ACOHF program area you want to support. This may be Orphans Education and Scholarship, Health and Nutrition or Entrepreneurship and Technology.
  4. Bring people together in your home, an organization meeting room or a local restaurant.
  5. Invite an ACOHF board member or volunteer to come to this meeting and discuss the foundation and current programs and needs. If we cannot attend we will work with you and send a packet of presentation materials and information sheets for your use.
  6. Ask your group for support. Financial contributions can be any amount based on the interests and ability of the group members. Your group may also have other creative fundraising ideas.
  7. Communicate regularly with your Circle of Hope and with an ACOHF board contact. Ask for ACOHF updates and photos. Contribute content to our Web site. We want to build long-term relationships. We believe in you and we need your help.

Be part of our global Circle of Hope. For more information, contact pkf@africacircleofhope.org.