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Home for Orphans Stabilized

The construction at Good Samaritan Children's Home has stabilized the building structure, which was leaning badly.

Steel beams have reinforced the sagging second floor and the roof. The one set of narrow rotten wooden stairs are replaced with metal stairs and railings. The building now has both front and back stairs and a rear porch area where the children can play.

The roof has been rebuilt and includes some semi-transparent panels which bring natural light into the dark rooms which have no windows. The roof also has gutters and a drainage system. The construction provides a safer and healthier environment for all the children.

Many thanks to our generous donors, the engineers who donated their time and skills, and the local workers who accomplished all this while the building was in full use.

A Pickup Truck for Good Samaritan Children`s Home

One of the major needs identified by the Director of Good Samaritan was a truck to take the children to school, to travel to the medical clinic, to pick up donated food available in outlying farms or discarded by food processing plants, and to bring in clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. A good used truck was purchased along with the required insurance. This truck is fulfilling its purpose every day and easing numerous daily tasks for the staff and the children.

Funding to Help Buy School Uniforms

While primary education is free in Kenya, all students must have a specific type of uniform and other supplies before they can attend school. This includes a shirt and pants or skirts, sweater, shoes and socks, and backpack. Good Samaritan does not have the funds to buy uniforms for all the children to go to school. We are helping to meet this important need.

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