One of the major programs at Thiiri Center focuses on music training for individuals and groups. ACOHF worked with the Program Director at Thiiri to provide interactive skill workshops, one on drumming techniques and another on creative production, taught by professional musicians and award-winning performers from Nairobi. Both of these workshops support the development of the musical and artistic resources in this rural area. One of the workshop leaders also performed in several local schools.

ACOHF was also the major sponsor for the launch of the Thiiri Center Concert series, which features young local talent in music, spoken word poetry, dance and drama. The audience at the initial Saturday afternoon concert included more than 300 students from area schools as well as other community members, local artists and musicians. We are working with Thiiri Center to establish a music and media production studio as a resource for young people in this rural area. This facility will also provide professional training and develop the media and communication skills of local youth for related job opportunities and creative entrepreneurship.