A Youth Leadership Academy was held at Thiiri Center in Meru, Kenya. from April 6-8 with a total of 40 students, 20 ACOHF scholarship students from Rubate Secondary School and 20 students from Bishop Lawi Imathiu Secondary School in Meru. The girls and boys from Rubate are currently in Form 3 and Form 4, equivalent to high school juniors and seniors.

These young people learned about life and work skills: focusing personal and professional goals, creating a positive attitude toward challenges and opportunities, developing self-esteem, listening and understanding different perspectives, cooperating with others, communicating effectively, and living with greater awareness and purpose. Experienced workshop facilitators included teachers and school administrators, business and nonprofit leaders, and youth role models.

This educational retreat balanced workshop learning sessions and small group discussions with time for reflection and recreation. Participants enjoyed the swimming pool and team sports. Evening activities included a movie, traditional storytelling, singing and dancing. The students shared comfortable accommodations in the rooms at Thiiri Center and the homestyle food in the restaurant.

Thiiri Centre is dedicated to serving the community with continuing education, recreation and cultural activities. ACOHF has partnered with Thiiri Centre for youth programs, women's entrepreneurship, and technology development. This Leadership Academy for ACOHF scholarship students is part of our continuing commitment to support students with counseling and career planning to help them bridge the gap between graduation and employment as a path out of poverty.