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Gift of the Spirit

It is Sunday morning at Mwanika Church just outside of Meru town, Kenya. The English Service starts at 9:30 am with music from the keyboard player who is wearing a red jacket and singing with a rich bass voice in the side section at the front of the church. He plays by ear and once he has the beat the music fills the room. At the beginning of the service the sanctuary is about half full but as  Read More

Living with HIV

“Aids the biggest killer of youth.” I was concerned to see this headline on the front page of the Daily Nation newspaper today. According to estimates by the National Aids Control Council, more than 435,000 adolescents, age 10-19 are HIV positive and almost 120,000 more have not been identified. A Health Metrics and Evaluation study just published reveals that 2,531 youth age 1 Read More

Challenges for Secondary School Students

As much as 50% of the Kenyan population is under the age of 18. Most of these young people are in primary or secondary school. In 2003 the government mandated free primary education and in 2008 this was extended to secondary education in public schools. Boarding school fees are not included, nor are uniforms, school supplies and other infrastructure expenses. At the end of Standard 8 primary Read More

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