ACOHF launched Kids Camps in Meru at the Thiiri Center for Culture, Music and Community Development and funded the first year of operation reaching more than 200 kids between the ages of 11 and 15 years. The program is continuing with the support of Thiiri Center and local churches and schools. The Day Camps include computer training, music lessons, cultural knowledge, sports and crafts. Local elders and community leaders also talk with the young people about culture, values and responsibilities.

Program objectives include building self-esteem and confidence related to life decisions, and encouraging critical thinking and creative problem solving. Each Camp brings together a diverse group of 25 young people. This program fills some gaps that are not often covered in the highly structured national school curriculum. Individual students are sponsored by local churches and schools. The participants of all the camps are invited to other special youth events at Thiiri including movies, performances, and discussion groups about issues that concern young people and affect their future.