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ACOHF Participates in World Mission Sunday

Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago celebrates World Mission Sunday on October 1. As a mission partner, Africa Circle of Hope will share information with the congregation about the grassroots activities and impact of our Orphans Education programs in Kenya. Sally Christiansen and Patricia Kay Felkins, co-founders of ACOHF, will participate in a discussion with a photo display and information mat Read More

Celebrating Film for Good

The auditorium at Catholic University of Eastern Africa on June 11, 2016, was filled with more than 150 senior students, recent graduates and alums from St. Aloysius Secondary School in Nairobi, and faculty and students from Catholic University of Eastern Africa(CUEA) and from Tangaza University College. This enthusiastic crowd came together on this day to celebrate films made by the participan Read More

Improving the Health of Vulnerable Children

Our Africa Circle of Hope(ACOHF) Community Health Team is returning to Mathare after more than a year. These five dedicated women are led by Dr. Katrina, who helped to establish our first health team three years ago. The participants are medical, education and business professionals from Illinois, California and Florida. Their goal this year is to complete a health assessment of more than 200 o Read More

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